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About the CCC...
You’ll be Amazed…With what you can do…
with The Convex Curve Cutter (CCC)


The creator of the CCC has been a woodworker for more than 25 years.  After finding it very difficult to produce convex curves, he realized that there had to be a way to make the process easier.  His research indicated there did not appear to be a method or tool on the market, so he developed his own design.  Thus, the concept for the Convex Curve Cutter was born.  No other tool makes the convex shapes as consistent and easily as does the CCC.   The CCC allows you to be more creative with your projects.  

CCC Container

CCC Wooden Basket

The CCC opens up a whole new dimension to the shape of your wood projects that include jewelry boxes, keepsake boxes, and even multisided boxes. Now you are no longer limited to straight or concave sides to your jewelry and keepsake boxes.  With the CCC you can easily achieve consistency in shaping symmetrical or asymmetrical convex curves on the outsides of square, rectangular, or even multi-sided boxes.  The CCC is the perfect woodworking accessory for the creative craftsman.

There is a minimum of assembly required with the CCC. The CCC is adaptable to the bandsaws of most manufacturers, and with the proper blade, the bandsaw should have no problem with tracking the radius selected for your project. By carefully following the setup and operating instructions in the manual supplied, the CCC is very easy to install and operate.

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A New and Innovative Tool . . .

What makes the CCC so unique is the combination of the base, shape of the rotating table, and the laterally adjustable fences. The base attaches to the band saw table while the fences secure the wood piece as it is turned through the blade. This allows it to shape symmetrical and asymmetrical curves to the work piece placed between the adjustable fences. The height of the cut is limited only by the resaw capability of your band saw less the thickness of the CCC. You will discover that the CCC is extremely easy to use and operate and will result in pieces that are beautiful and timeless.

Table Clamped

Cutting Wood

Convex Box With the CCC you get an exciting additional benefit. In addition to beautiful convex shapes on the box sides, you get a bonus by taking the cutoffs from the convex shaping, reversing the miters, and ...Voila'!!! you have the makings for another box, this one with concave shaped sides like the one shown at the left. With one cut you made two beautifully shaped projects and no wasted material!

Wooden Flower Vase

Pen holder with container

The CCC Makes A Hard Job Easy...

Installing and operating the CCC very easy and its versatility will become quickly apparent to the experienced as well as the beginning wood worker. The laterally adjustable fences coupled with the choice of radii from 2" to 18" gives the woodworker a wide range of curves both symmetrical and asymmetrical. The CCC base is clamped to the bandsaw's steel table to hold the base fast to the table. The rotating turntable is placed on top of the base and then the pivot pin is inserted into the desired radius hole. Following the detailed instructions in the CCC manual, the work piece is carefully placed between the laterally adjustable fences and secured. The first cut of the work piece is then made, and subsequent cuts are made until the process is complete. The size of your project is basically limited only by the re-saw capability of your bandsaw.

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